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Okay, so I have majorly mixed feelings for Twilight. In movie form I don't like any of the main characters except for Taylor Lautner. I can't stop thinking of him as Sharkboy. Robert Pattinson's attitude I liked better as Cedric. He went from being so open to very emo. Kristen Stewart just bothers me for some reason. Don't know why.

Now onto the book. I can't read it. Every time I try I see it and think 'This sounds like a fanfic.' Vampires are not sparkly like diamonds. I love the idea of vampires and have for years. I can watch Queen of the Damned and other things like that over and over again. There has never been a vampire that sparkles like diamonds. I can just picture the Cullens getting exposed if the rain just suddenly stops and the sun comes out if they are out in public. Alice can't see every tiny sun ray that might hit them. Pick one or the other. Either they can be daywalkers or they can only come out at night. They can't be sparkly. I also don't really like Stephanie Meyer's writing style.

However the thing about Twilight is that I adore the characters and their back stories. Rosalie, Emmett (I want to give him a hug), Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, Esme and all. I think that is why there is so much Twilight mania. That everyone can't get the characters out of their head. Also, they want to find an Edward for themselves. (Don't get that fully so if someone wants to comment and explain it to me I could write a response. I get the appeal of the bad boy as I read Edward is being compared to in an article, but I don't think that Edward counts as a bad boy. He just makes me think EMO!!!)

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Yeah! I'm not alone! Any time anyone asks me about Twilight I have to describe it as poorly written fan fiction (with a highly addictive plot). As for Edward, I think a friend's Facebook status hit the nail on the head: "Pattinson’s resistance of his throbbing biological urges is, I think, intended as a sign of his devotion, but while there’s no doubt his character is devoted to Stewart, I’m not sure his ability to not murder her every time he sees her really makes him a keeper."

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