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This is a very bad week for me. I won a goldfish last week (25th) at school carnival. I was so happy. I was hoping I could keep Grapefruit alive and I was so happy to finally have something living in my dorm room besides my plant. Grapefruit lived on my desk which is always right next to my bed so I can use my computer while lying down instead of on one of the uncomfortable dorm chairs. I always talked to Grapefruit saying things like I'm going to class now. I named him/her Grapefruit because I was thinking of how I had named my computer Apple (its a PC). I got fish food, a air pump, air stone, and tubing. I even got a PetSmart savings card(one of the key chain things) because I was imagining coming back for more fish supplies for Grapefruit. I was trying so hard to keep Grapefruit alive in its bowl.

I've been researching all this week how to take care of Grapefruit and was going to order an aquarium as soon as I could get money for it. Grapefruit died tonight and I can't stop crying now, even though I have a paper to finish writing that's due tomorrow morning and I have to take a shower and do a lot of other things. Grapefruit died of bad water. I had seen the water getting bad and was about to change it. I got a bunch of water ready and was letting it cool down and somewhere in that period of time is when Grapefruit died. Right now I wish I could just sleep. Really short on money this week and I'm so worried I'm going to have to leave the school with the best friends I've ever had. I really wish I could go home and pet my cat Cassandra. I was so happy earlier today. I was singing along to the songs from the new episode of Glee. Now all I know is that I can't spend any money this weekend, my fish died, and I have so much work to do this weekend. I don't know what I'm going to do. I had even envisioned bringing Grapefruit home for Christmas and finding some way to bring him/her home for Thanksgiving if I'm going home which would have meant four hours on a bus.


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