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People really piss me off sometimes. I recently joined a vegan community to get ideas about ways to make my diet more vegan instead of vegetarian. However the people there were really negative about vegetarians, so I had to leave the negativity. If the world was perfect I would be a vegan, however at this current time it is not feasible for me. I can barely eat my regular vegetarian diet at the moment. I am currently living on campus where I have a kitchen after two years of dorm living. When I was living in the dorms it was incredibly hard for me to get good nutrition even with a vegetarian diet. A lot of the things they were serving i didn't like. For the last few weeks of the spring semester I was eating mostly milkshakes, pizza, and quesadillas during the weekday. The dining hall that I was able to get to most often had nothing I wanted to eat most of the time. Now that I'm living on campus during the summer it's hard for me to get groceries because I don't have a car or a bicycle (although the bicycle is coming in the mail because it's a folding one). I'm stretching out my groceries until the bike is here, but there are a bunch of things I can't make because I don't have the ingredients for them. It would be a thousand times harder for me to get groceries if I was vegan and in this situation at the moment. Also, there is the fact that there are a bunch of vegan ingredients that I can't eat. My favorite kind of sushi is just rice with carrot and cucumber because I don't like seaweed. The vegan staple of soymilk is also something I don't like to drink. I would like to try almond milk and rice milk but they are also hard to get and I'm not sure about almond milk since I don't like things with almonds in them in large quantities.


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