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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Spoilers under LJ cut)
My thoughts on HP and the Deathly Hallows. I got my copy at a midnight release party in Woodstock, NY, after coming in from New Paltz where the tea room had a "Madam Puddifoot's". I got elderflower and an eclair.

Well, now we know that the photographed copy was correct. It has the owl. I didn't read it, but I saw that first page.
I wonder if the Di is Princess Diana? Wait, its her sister. I wonder if anne is for her mom- Dedication

Chapter Titles=
Seven Potter! Maybe seven aspects of their persona;ity
I wonder if the will is parchment or pensieve
Wedding is obvious bill/fleur
Muggle-born registration- reminds me kinda of the Marriage Law challenge
Ha! Albus Dumbledore lies!
Prongs! The Silver doe!, Wait. Doe is female, maybe Lilly I have an ornament on my christmas tree that is a buck. I named it prongs the christmas after the third book
I wonder if Xeno is Luna's father
Wandmaker- something to do with ollivander?
Mirror of erised is missing?
I'm guessing for diadem- the lost royal crown, is there a magical king/queen? I remember reading a fic like that
Literal sacking or fired? Does that mean Harry discovers he is innocent
Is elder wand older or made of elder
Does this mean Sev lives at least up to 33 since it is The Prince's Tale?

I wonder if this starts right after Snape "kills" Dumbledore 1
Malfoy mansion! Or at least one of them 2
Person sounds kinda like a pendulum/ Malfoy? Percy?/Severus is now Voldy's top man/Occlumency on Sev 3
wonder what source is/ Dawlish- spy or victim? 4
So Scrimgeour is not involved 5
Voldy is always shown in fics to cast Crucio when he is displeased, why hasn't he done anything yet? 5
Shock because the wands are so important, or shock because he can just borrow a wand/ Lucius Malfoy is so out of favor 7
So Lucius and Narcissa reallly care about each other or now they do 8
Draco was the one staring up on the 3rd pg? Bella would probably do anything for Voldy 9
So Remus and tonks are now married 10
Muggle studies teacher! 12

chapter 2
So Dudley got bad again? Darn. I liked the idea of him being nice/that was really stupid to never learn how to heal his wounds. Probably could have been so useful 13
So Harry broke the mirror his godfather aka one of the last remnants form him? Nice, Harry. 14
Dumbledore's father was at the least a muggle hater?/ I wonder what year it was. Lexicon says 1851 16
I wonder if all the awards were in his first year 17
Kendra and Ariana. I like those names, but then how did he and Aberforth get the strange names?/ How was there little gold after all the awards? 18
Maybe Harry won't be as hot-headed as 6th year? 21
So that's what ch. refers to 22
I wonder what the source was 24
Looks like I was wrong about harry not hot-headed 28

Maybe Dud did see the dementors if i remember the book correctly/ Dud showing sense 35
Yay! Dud being nice 40
Come on! I want to hear more about Petunia! 42

Chapter 4
Wow! Fleur is there 45
I really like Fred and Ron's first lines 49
Does this mean every now knows about Hermy's 2nd year polyjuice? 50
Heights of all of them are now known. Ron, Fred and George are taller, Hermione and Mundungus are shorter 51
Thats great with all the talk bout Harry's body 52
Wonder why its Hagrid with Harry 53
Poor Hedwig 56
Yikes Stan! 50
I have no idea how this well happen in the movie (Motorcycle chase) I get confused just reading it

chapter 5
I like Ted and Andromeda Tonks a lot
I'm guessing Mundungus or Moody or Fleur for the spy. Of course it could also be Fred/George who are tired of people getting them mixed up 69
Come on. Sev needs to be good. He's my favorite character 73
Stupid Ron/Hermione 76
I did like that Tonks/Moody pairing. I read a really good fic once where it was a side pairing. 79
So that's why he was with Hagrid 80

chapter 6
I don't like Molly sometimes. She's just so pushy 87
I wonder what Ron was going to finish with Merlin 92
I wonder if those are their real names, We've never known much about Herm's parents 96
Stop being stupid, start thinking Regulus 101

chapter 7
Aww Baby unicorns/ Wow! Norberta 120
Scrimgeour is worse than Fudge 130
Lesson to be learned from tale most likely 135

chapter 8
I was right about Luna's dad 139
i love Luna. She's so good at messing people up 140
I love the picture it makes at the wedding with stars and birds of paradise 146
Really interesting about all these people living in Godric's Hollow 158

Chapter 9
What is Building Society? 165

Chapter 10
Baby Harry! 180
Finally! R.A.B. 186 And they also remember the locket they cleared out! 189
Does this also mean that house elves can't die 195

Chapter 11
Aww Tonks/Renus baby 212
And here I was hoping Umbridge would never come back 222

Chapter 12
Where in the world is Mcgonnagall 226

Chapter 13
Umbridge and her cats 252

Chapter 14
Slytherin's Locket 275
I'm going to really need a summary after I'm done with this book. It keeps jumping, so i have no idea what is happening

Chapter 15
I wonder why he went to Albania 288
Ron annoys me so much

Chapter 16
Luna's father has to be very powerful for some reason. Quibbler left alone and other things
More Godric's Hollow connection 318
What is a kissing gate 324

Chapter 20
That's a terrific idea about the name 389
Shell Cottage = Bill and Fleur/I never pictured Luna to live in a tower but it dies fit that she wouldn't live in a normal house 397

Chapter 21
Yay! I was right that it was an elder tree 407 26/33 chapter names explained

CHapter 22
Poor Ted Tonks. He may not have been magical, but it seemed like he was. 439
I love Fred and George. They're really shining the humor in this book 443

Chapter 23
Poor Dobby. He lived to serve harry Potter 476

Chapter 24
I'm really confused about the skip from I'm supposed to get the Horcruxes to everything was cool and dark 500

Chapter 26
So as of now i know the meanings of both British and the deluxe American edition book covers. Now if I could only have what mine means. 543

Chapter 28
Already knew about Aberforth, so that's no surprise 559
Neville finally as well 570

Chapter 31
Unfortunately, I don't think that things are going to go well for Snape aka my favorite character. He has so much mystery in him. It would be such a waste if he was just always evil.
Surprise twist about Helena Ravenclaw 615 I wonder who Rowena married
I love all these sudden explanations of the ghosts 616
And now we know why it was Albania of all places 617
And the twins are separated 637

Chapter 32
I would probably die of fright if I saw giant spiders heading towards me. Even the thought of that size spider brings to mind a book called The Attic and the giant spider named Fluffy. 639
I love Luna. She's just so wacky and great. 649
I really hate this ending!!!!! Fanfic writers please do not give up. 658

Chapter 33
We finally see that all the Snape believers were right. I'm in a way really glad that this is the last book, because I can't take any more. J.K. really is a master writer. She brings out all these plot twists that I would have never thought possible.

Chapter 35
Harry was a horcrux like everyone thought including me 708
Why couldn't J.K have let Sev live!!!! 721

Chapter 36
I really like Narcissa. She cares about her son so much. 726

I really wish it hadn't ended with only Harry. I hate having all the power in just one person. Also don't even get me started about the epilogue. Ron/Hermione has always made me not feel good. I just don't like them together. After seeing Order of the Phoenix, I was also hoping for a Harry/Luna combo. Was there ever a full explanation about Petunia?

Book finished at 7:11 AM. I stayed up all night writing this while listening to my playlist on Musicmatch. I can't believe it's over. I remember when I picked up my first Harry Potter book (the first one). I got it from my history class.

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I agree, Deathly Hallows ended quite oddly.

Quick suggestion: I am a member of your community syndrome_violet and I was wondering if you would like someone to keep it up, such as edit the appearance, maybe bolster the profile and such. I am knowledgeable in graphics and HTML and it wouldn't be too much trouble. If you don't want me to, I'd understand, but I'm just offering some help if it's needed :)


That would be great. I'll add you in. I actually haven't had much time to spend on it since I've started college.

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