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Very simply, it was my favorite of the HP movies. I adored it. Not enough Snape, Malfoys, or Tonks, missed my favorite scene from the book and rushed through a lot of parts, but it was truly fantastic. Went to the midnight showing and now I'm exhausted.
For Pirates 3, I went to the 8PM showing, but it felt the same.

It's been two exhausting days. Yesterday, went to see Transformers. That was one of the best action packed movies I've seen all summer. It was so sad at parts. Since the movie I keep thinking that every car I see is going to transform into a Transformer. Shia LeBouf has really grown since Even Stevens and Holes.

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Sorry for jumping in your lj like this but... I saw your userpic in a Barbossabeth community and I just gotta ask... Did you make it yourself? And... Where did you find the picture you used? I apologize again, if I disturb you in your own journal. Have a good day!

No problem. Are you a fan of the movie Hook? I did make it myself though it was basically just a cropping job that it needed. I got the caps for it at cap_it.

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