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The fairly large DH premiere and my movie review of it/other random things I did this month entry
It's been a very very busy month. Sorry for the long post, but I just had so many experiences that needed to spill out. My paragraph about the HBP premiere in NYC is first and my paragraph about the movie itself is last. Hi! That is for if anyone decided to check out my LJ account from Twitter, which I just joined yesterday after wondering what the fuss was(saturnianali8r is my Twitter name of course).

On the 8th my sis and I (and her friend) left for the train from Poughkeepsie to NYC at 10PM so we could get outside the Harry Potter premiere. We got in at midnight and waited 18 hours for the HP gang to show up. It was amazing. I still can't believe I saw Alan Rickman. We got squished against the barriers and made a lot of good friends with some of the other people that were there for around as long as we were. They're all Facebook friends with us now. I got my DH book signed by Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson!!! Sis got all of the trio. I missed Rupert Grint by an inch or so. Emma Watson was really great. She kept signing autographs even though her agent/manager was trying to pull her away. Daniel Radcliffe was also great for mentioning us in an interview (as the people who waited 18 hours) and for admiring us for staying so long. I wish that Tom Felton had come closer to us though. Also would have adored just getting to see Alan Rickman closer up. We were blocked by the cars coming through the street and pulling up. Why didn't they just close down the road? Everyone there wanted to kill the drivers of trucks and vans that would be blocking our view of the red carpet. After all the stars of the movie started going into the theater we went out for dinner at the Hard Rock. 18 hours with very little food and drink, no sleep, and having to stand off balance for 4 hours really takes a lot out of you. It was great to see all the Starbucks runs in the morning though. While I do not need caffeine (has no effect on me) I do like mocha frappucinos and chai. I wanted to go back to the premiere to see if I could catch more people and get their pictures/autographs, but Sis's friend was our driver home from Poughkeepsie and wanted to leave.

We went home after the HBP premiere and I slept for three hours before getting up again at 5:10 to take the bus to meet up with my friend Andrea, who lives in Rhode Island, in NYC again. We met up in Grand Central and then did tourist stuff all day. We took a tour at the UN after stopping at Starbucks since we both had gotten up before 5:30, went to Rockefeller Center, and then wandered down to my favorite restaurant Le Pain Quotidien. I love it there. They have amazing lemon tarts and really good salad (also amazing fruit salad). We headed down to Times Square because if you are under the age of 30 and in NYC for the first time (okay, technically it was Andrea's second time) you have to visit the M&M store. Headed up to the Ziegfeld where I had waited for HP and then to Central Park. We only had time for the western end of the bottom right of the park before we had to leave for Andrea to catch her train back. We made the most of that time though by walking down 5th Avenue to admire all the designer shops that lay down that street.

Went to Sister's friends house the other week. I think friend invited me, but I never know. Could have been sister. It was lots of people from friend's private school that I didn't know and two of sister's close friends. We ended up with an uncomfortable night sleeping in a sauna (sauna fire had been splashed with water). Also went to Rosendale Street Festival which was a blast as always. Street is closed down for lots of booths and 5 outdoor stages are set up with music acts. I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner of a booth that is at multiple area festivals to see if I could order a copy of an earring that I lost. It was one of my favorites.

UP was in Poughkeepsie the other day. AWWWWWWW!!!! I love Dug and I knew that the guy was going to turn out to be evil. Another Pixar hit. How I love you Pixar. Went to the Gilded Otter in New Paltz after escaping the worst of what was looking like a bad storm while driving to there from the Galleria. They have really good food. Sis and I split a Margharita pizza and fries. Next time I go there I have to order something alcoholic though. It has been over two months since I turned 21 and I've never ordered anything alcoholic for myself. It feels like something that I really want to try. I went to a bar with my friend the other day and he told me that he has a tab type of thing there. I stuck with my familiar Shirley Temple though. Grenadine belongs in a Shirley Temple, not the cherry or whatever it is stuff that I keep finding in bars. Afterward watched Animal House at his house and went home.

HBP was great in the cinematography. I went to the midnight showing. The actors did really well, but something was off. I don't remember why, but by the end of it I was holding in laughter instead of tears over Dumbledore or anything like that. At some parts it seemed like it was trying too hard. That could be some of my prejudice from the book coming over though. I thought that Harry in the book was unnecessarily causing trouble for those who were looking after him (like on the train). The movie brought that out though by also showing Harry going after the Death Eaters by himself and battling with Draco. He could have been killed and then no more chosen one. I loved Tom Felton playing Draco. Draco was so sad and depressed. I really enjoyed the scene on the train where he was talking with Pansy and Blaise. It was nice to see the other side of Hogwarts life. Of course I hated the Hermione/Ron scenes because I have never liked the idea of them as a couple. I liked the ending when the camera was on Harry in the water and then suddenly Dumbledore was shooting fire. It reawakened my love for the magic spells in HP by showing how what a master spell caster could do. I really wish they had shown the funeral scene. It would have been so powerful to end the movie with something like the trio reaffirming their faith in each other and then a cut to the funeral with the camera rising up in the sky with a wide angle shot of the grounds and the people at the funeral. As a final word for this entry let's just say that I still adore Alan Rickman's acting

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That's so cool that you got to meet them. I finally got a chance to go see HBP today.

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