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The King of Pop and Charlie's Angel are dead. Seems like so many things are happening this week.
My sister is graduating hs tomorrow. Feels like yesterday when I was doing it. I was in my summer statistics class and we were going on break when I heard about MJ. One of my classmate's sisters texted him to tell him the news and then on break I called my sister who is a Perez fan and she confirmed it. This day feels so surreal. Huge lightening storm after class with even a little hail and I went to see Transformers finally. My mom was too sick on Tuesday to drive me to it (I have to renew my permit again. I've been living in Philly not at home so no time for learning to drive. Too much drama at home.). I did love it, but when is Steve Jablonsky going to release the soundtrack for it that is not that stupid cd containing all the songs that weren't in the movie. I loved Optimus except for his speeches. Arcee's form was not great. I would have preffered her as one robot. Where was Barricade? Also, what happened to the tiny little smart mouthed decepticon and the other autobots/decepticons that had been there for so long in olden forms. Where was the focus on the Autobots like Ratchet and Ironhide?

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It's been a long time. Are you still going to St. Joe's?

Still in Philly, but PhilaU. Three years and one change of major later. Now I'm going for a major and double minor (Yay for credits transferring to a minor, The other minor is so I can graduate in December after this and be a full-time student).

your week just past sounds much like mine.

my little sister also graduated this past friday.

she also crashed the car and total'd it, the same day (in the morning) -- thankfully, she was fine, save a few bruises.

my brother phoned me with the news about MJ, and i was so stunned. definitely a crazy week, i agree.

Yikes! Not a great way to start your graduation day. Our biggest drama was the pouring rain which caused graduation to be held inside.

For me this week is going to be even crazier most likely.

And not only that...Billy Mays and a whole heys of a lot of other people..

((This is Great_Wolf under a different username, btw))

Hi! I completely forgot about him. All these icons are suddenly dying.

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